Gozzo Building
579 New Park Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06110
Fax: 860-236-9762
CT Reg. #552269

Gozzo Building, Gozzo Design and Remodel
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Gozzo Design & Remodeling Affiliations
Gozzo Design & Remodel LLC uses the Design Build process in which Bill Gozzo and his team are brought in from the very start of the project to work directly with clients to understand their needs and desires, to envision and discuss the possibilities, and to decide on a plan of action together before building it out.
Combining both functions under the roof of one company makes for a seamless, efficient and quality job, performed with realistic expectations from the viewpoint of both the company and the client.  And if there are changes to be made along the way,  the change will be handled smoothly and efficiently.
You know the job will be done right, because we stand by our work from start to finish.
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